Episode 3 – “What Would People Think?” with Veronica Horsman

For the third episode of Let’s Talk Clothes I took some time out of my trip to Halifax, NS to visit with fellow fashion enthusiast, photographer and maker, and dear friend, Veronica Horsman. In this episode we discuss personal fashion influences and inspiration, vintage clothing, and how moving to the country can inform how you dress — or does it?

Everyone has fashion or style inspirations; whether it’s a celebrity, friend, or family member. When asked about her influences and relationship with clothing, Veronica places her family at the top of the list. Over the years of our friendship I have heard tales of the decades’-worth of vintage clothing that is collectively owned by Veronica’s family members. Some of this collection has even moved with Veronica, including a gorgeous fur coat. This introduction to vintage clothing from a young age has without a doubt informed her love of vintage and vintage-inspired clothing, like the Vancouver-based company Cherry Velvet.

fur coat

This love of vintage runs so strongly with Veronica that even her wedding dress is vintage. The dress is elegant with a twist, just like Veronica. The simple silhouette is the perfect canvas for the gorgeous detail of applique roses along the bodice and sleeves, and the button-up back. Even after being stored in its original box for nearly two years after the ceremony, it still looks stunning — a true sign of quality vintage.

wedding dress 002

wedding dress 001

This penchant for a little drama and flourish has not gone away since moving to the country. Some people adopt the style or aesthetic of where they are living, while others stay steadfast in their sartorial choices. Veronica is admittedly in the latter camp. This is not to say that she would do yard work in her “good vintage” — she has a solid set of yardwork clothes, including the latest addition of coveralls — but Veronica does not shy away from standing out in her small town. On the contrary, she admits that she even relishes a little bit in being a little “extra” when she meets up with her friends to play Dungeons and Dragons. Whether she’s strutting it through Manhattan in a dress and cowboy boots, or going to a local gallery opening, Veronica is always open to taking some fashion risks.

grubby clothes


Other topics we discussed: the royal wedding (we recorded the day-of), capital “F” fashion, and clothing/fashion as a form of personal expression and creativity. To see what Veronica’s got on the go with her art practice, you can either check out her website, or follow her in Instagram at @veronicahorsmanphoto. If you want to get in touch with me you can email me at talkclothes@gmail.com or follow on Instagram @talkclothespodcast.

Thanks again, and I will talk to you all next week!


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