Episode 4 – “Casj Canadian Tuxedo” with Tyler Hyde

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with artist, lover of plaid, and owner of an adorable cat/dog duo, Tyler Hyde. In this episode we talk about clothing as a necessity, sharing a wardrobe with your partner, and how constantly moving can inform your wardrobe. Originally from Sydney Mines, NS, Tyler recently moved to Toronto with his partner, Johnny, and seems to have found a good rhythm between his day hustle, and keeping up with his own art practice.

When asked about his relationship with clothing, Tyler describes his clothes as utilitarian — a necessity — rather than a source of personal expression. Like many artists, Tyler expresses himself through his art, rather than the clothes on his back. Tyler admits to aspiring to have an “artist’s uniform” — all black ensemble — during his time at NSCAD, but never fully committing. That’s not to say that he didn’t have his own take on an artist’s uniform: a plaid button-up layered over a t-shirt, with black skinny jeans. Tyler can still be seen sporting this look most days. One way that Tyler does use clothing to express himself is through his t-shirts. Many of his t-shirts have been designed and created by artists that Tyler admires; he feels that it’s one way to support fellow artists. Tyler’s style has shifted over the years, mostly through the influence of his partner, Johnny, who, Tyler admits, is the more “stylish” of the two.

horsefiddle press



It’s not uncommon to be influenced by those around you: friends, family, strangers on the street, even romantic partners. This is the case for Tyler and Johnny. The two have been sharing a wardrobe for the past 6 years, which has led to Tyler gradually stepping out of his comfort zone and literally trying on the bold prints and patterns that Johnny has added to their collective wardrobe. Despite this open sharing of clothing, there still seems to be an understanding of whose is what — like Johnny’s “Of Mice and Men” t-shirt, or the Hermes scarf that he thrifted.

of mice and men

hermes tie.jpg


Over the years Tyler and Johnny have lived throughout Central and Eastern Canada. The constant moving has forced them to consider what is worth keeping, and what can be left behind, resulting in a very pared down wardrobe. Like many people in their mid- to late-twenties (or just me) Tyler has left a lot of his cherished and special occasion clothing at his parent’s house, not wanting to move them halfway across the country; especially when Toronto apartments have limited space and storage.

After moving away from Nova Scotia, then briefly returning, Tyler has been able to see his sartorial roots, and how different cities can have distinct fashion identities. This was most notable when he travelled from Montreal to Halifax for a conference, and a classmate pointed out how he dressed very “east coast”. This was not something that Tyler had considered much before, but now can’t un-see it. The irony is that a lot of east coast fashion is being informed by all the transplanted Torontonians attending one of Halifax’s many universities. Another city with a distinct aesthetic? Montreal. Tyler can attest first-hand to how Montrealers seem to always be so effortlessly stylish.

keith herring

Other things discussed this week: season 2 of Queer Eye — are you watching, hunny? — the designer BCALLA, and @abearnamedtroy as one of Tyler’s personal style and fashion influences. If you would like to see what Tyler’s up to, you can check out his Instagram at @tee_tys. And as always, if you want to see what I’m up to with the podcast, follow @talkclothespodcast on Instagram, or email me at talkclothes@gmail.com.

And until next time, dear audience, I bid you adieu.

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