Ep. 5 – “Crisp Denim” with Jess Lawther

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with lover of coffee and floral prints, Jess Lawther. In this episode Jess and I discuss the transition from student life to the “real world”, breaking the rules of fashion and style, and using clothing as a way of expressing yourself.

Over the past couple of years Jess has been through a number of changes, which is reflected in her wardrobe. She recently moved into a small Toronto apartment, which forced her to pare down her wardrobe and become very creative with storage. She also transitioned from being a student to working in a corporate environment, causing her to live a sartorial “double life”. When she was a student, most specifically at NSCAD University, Jess had much more freedom with her wardrobe; whatever rules she had to follow were self-made (or informed by her art practice and WHMIS regulations). Now that she is working in a work environment that has an enforced dress code Jess has to get more creative with her outfits and how she expresses herself through them.



One of the ways that Jess expresses herself through her clothing is by being “safe but quirky” and breaking the rules. Nothing gives Jess more joy than putting together all the fashion “don’ts” in one outfit; in this episode she talked about an outfit that combined a floral dress, a velvet crop top, and a button up plaid top. No outfit is too gauche for her, and she’s been dressing this way since high school. That being said, even Jess has limits; when asked if she’s an early adopter to fashion trends she said no. Instead, she observes how others wear certain trends, and incorporate them into their wardrobes before deciding she’s willing to take the plunge.


wardrobe 2

Jess also likes to explore a more androgynous take on clothing and fashion, and consider the gender coding of clothing. During her downtime Jess dresses in what she describes as a “queer femme” aesthetic. Think lipstick, florals, and a snapback cap. She draws inspiration from individuals like Rain Dove and Erika Linder.


sun hats

bye for now

The ultimate goal with any outfit? Projecting confidence. Whether she’s at work, or out with friends, Jess wants her feel and look confident to those around her.

Other things discussed in this episode: emotional dressing, natural skincare, selfies as self-care, and a lot of art school reminiscing. If you’d like to see what Jess is up to you can follow her on Instagram at @jesslwthr. And if you’d like to see what I’m up to with the podcast you can follow on Instagram at @talkclothespodcast, or if you want to get in touch directly you can email me at talkclothes@gmail.com.

Thanks for stopping by, and until next time, I bid you adieu!

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