Ep. 8 – “Rugged Plaid” with Blair Bouskill

This week on Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with photographer, concert-goer, and merchandise enthusiast Blair Bouskill. In this episode Blair and I discuss making an outfit your own, the in’s and out’s of wearing your fandom on your sleeve — literally.

Like many people Blair has found a fashion formula that works from him, and tends not to deviate from it. On a typical day you’ll find Blair in jeans, a t-shirt — possibly layered with a button-up — sneakers, and a ball cap. While this clothing combination is fairly standard, he still likes to add his own personality to an outfit. This could be through which plaid button-up he chooses, what band t-shirt he’s wearing that day, or which ball cap he tops it all off with. This extends to more formal occasions as well; Blair likes to add a little personality, whether it’s through his tie or pocket square.

closet spce

Blair has been going to concerts since he was in high school, and likes to support his favourite bands through purchasing band t-shirts. These t-shirts also have sentimental value for him, allowing Blair to recall a particular show or festival — like his Osheaga 2016 tank top. Blair has accumulated quite the collection of band t-shirts over the years, totalling a couple hundred. These shirts are well-loved, and well-worn, to the point that Blair has to retire some to the status of “painting clothes”.band shirts

painting clothes

Along supporting his favourite bands, Blair likes to support his favourite sports teams (Leafs, Jays and Raptors) through wearing sports jerseys and baseball caps. Like many sports fans Blair has a couple different jerseys for each team, including one from the infamous Blue Jays logo redesign of 2004. Similar to his band t-shirts, Blair’s jerseys are well-loved, and well-worn, including a stain here or there. For Blair clothes are meant to be worn, not tucked away in a wardrobe to collect dust.jays jersey revamp

burn hole

Other things we chatted about this week: growing up in the suburbs and the phenomenon that is malls, the politics of punk shows, and the struggle of wearing skinny jeans in the summer. If you’d like to see Blair’s photography, or see what concerts he’s going to, follow him on Instagram at @bbouskill.

And if you’d like to get in touch with me you can follow on Instagram at @talkclothespodcast or email me at talkclothes@gmail.com. If you like the podcast please listen, rate and subscribe on Apple Podcast. And until next time lovely audience, I bid you adieu!

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