Ep. 13 “Witchy Wizard” with Myles Sexton

On this episode of Let’s Talk Clothes I sit down with fashion nomad and makeup artist Myles Sexton. This episode Myles and I discuss activism through clothing, second hand shopping, and shopping local/Canadian.

Over the years Myles’s relationship with clothing has changed and shifted. Throughout his childhood he used clothing to hide in his clothing, not wanting to stand out in the crowd. This changed in his teen years, when he started to use clothing to express himself. Myles also sees clothing as an opportunity for activism and protest. By wearing makeup, high heels, and more traditionally feminine silhouettes, Myles pushes against clothing gender norms. Through these sartorial choices Myles feels more authentically himself, which allows him to project (and attract) positivity in his life. Now, Myles’s sees his clothing as a sort of armour, as well as a source of self-expression, and getting dressed is his favourite part of the day.

In his travels as a fashion nomad Myles has become a second hand connoisseur. From thrift stores to luxury consignment, he loves it all, because he loves the hunt. Some of his favourite thrift finds have been a Chanel suit jacket for $3.50 (despite it being a heinous shade of salmon), and a collection of  Harley Davidson kerchiefs. One of Myles’s rules of shopping second hand: don’t be afraid to alter the garment! The key to loving a garment is a good fit, and if it means taking it to a tailor, or altering it yourself, have at it! No sense in being precious — clothes are meant to be worn.

Recently Myles has changed his clothing shopping habits. For the past 2 years he has been trying to shop exclusively local and Canadian-made. Having been an active member of the Canadian fashion community for 10 years, and seeing so much talent, he felt it was time to support local designers in a more conscientious way. Buying local isn’t easy (or cheap), and here are some of Myles’s tips: start small, build your collection, and cherish what you have. By saving up and investing in pieces, you’re more likely to care for, and continue to wear, that garment compared to something you might buy at a bigger chain store. Tips for finding local designers you might like: social media searches. If there are designers who catch your eye, search for them, find their site, reach out. Through small changes and choices you can start your own local/Canadian-made collection (if that’s your thing). Some designers and events discussed in the show: Made Inland, Denis Gagnon, Andrew Coimbra, and Coup de Tête.

If you’d like to see where Myles is travelling to, you can check out his instagram @mylessexton or check out his website. You can follow the podcast on instagram @talksclothespodcast, or get in touch by emailing talkclothes@gmail.com. Please spread the word by sharing, rating and subscribing on Apple Podcasts. Thank you for tuning in, and I’ll see y’all next month!

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