A little something different …

Oh hello, it’s been a minute, hasn’t it? Fear not, I’m still here, just not as much as I’d like to be. Like most folks these days, I am now working from home, finding myself in search of creative outlets, and ways to add a bit more routine to my day. Since I cannot conduct interviews the way that I prefer to (in person, photographing the interviewee’s wardrobe) I had to think beyond my usual structure. After some time and contemplation I have decided to revisit a project I explored from 2014-2015, titled The Dressed Body (unknowingly after a Joanne Entwistle essay of the same name — oops), when I was just a young fashion scholar working out some ideas.

My take on The Dressed Body combined fashion theory, specifically ideas around identity performance through clothing, with one of my earliest passions: photography. For one year, every day I would document my outfit(s) to see how my choices in clothing and adornment changed. Think #ootd but not nearly as well composed or produced; less Instagram influencer and more first year photography student. Every photo would have the same basic building blocks: the subject (me), standing a couple of meters from the camera, with the same expression and pose. By using these same building blocks to compose each image, the focus could remain on the changing element: my appearance and dress. This project went from September 2014 – September 2015, which spanned job changes, 2 moves, and my starting grad school. You can comb through the archives of that project here.

Jump forward to now: Coronavirus has thrown everything into disarray, I am now working from home, and wanting a way to keep creativity and routine in my life but not in an overly cumbersome way. You’ve probably already put two and two together by now. I have started documenting my daily outfits to see how working from home is informing how I am dressing, and will be posting weekly updates here. I enjoy a durational project (ask me about the time I took a photo every half hour for a month), respond well to routine and structure, and am looking forward to seeing what this project holds in store.

There are ideas that I’m working on for the podcast, so keep an eye out for new episodes. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this change in what’s usually posted here, and maybe even get something useful out of this project.

— Gabby

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  1. Great information. Thanks for sharing


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