Week Two

Another week gone by. Ready to see what this home-dwelling goblin looked like this past week? Well here you go!

Enter Week Two:

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • The beginning of the week began with a lot of comfort dressing (note: these weeks start on Saturday).
  • My chunky green cardigan is getting a lot of wear and use, as it’s my compromise of not just living in hoodies, but feeling cozy while I work (shout out to my mom who knit it for me).
  • I missed wearing my oversized denim jumper dress — very good alternative to pants, but still not leggings/sweats.
  • By Friday I needed a break fro my formula of a loose top with jeans; enter snug top with jeans (this outfit makes me feel French/connected to my French-Canadian roots?).
  • My t-shirts are getting more wear these days; I don’t feel professional in them usually, but I’m just working from home these days, so who cares?

Hope everyone’s staying safe, able to connect with loved ones, and taking care of their physical and mental health.

— Gabby

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