Week Three

I hope y’all are staying safe and healthy as this pandemic trudges on. It’s a holiday Friday in Canada, so you’re getting your weekly dose of judging my dressing habits a day early. Let’s not delay this any longer. Here we go!

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • This week I teetered between average-looking (elder) Millennial, and couch-dwelling hobgoblin.
  • Making a little bit extra effort (putting on a button-up instead of a t-shirt) helps me to feel good about myself, and in my skin.
  • I feel like The Lingerie Addict would approve of my Day Eighteen romantic, loungey look.
  • I finally finished mending my indigo jeans, so I’m now up a pair of jeans. Hurrah for variety!

If you are observing Passover or Easter this weekend, I hope that you are able to do so safely with your loved ones. I continue to be thankful for technology’s ability to keep us connected during this time, when we need human connection the most.

— Gabby

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