Week Four

I have now been working from home for a month. One month. Four weeks. That means that I have been doing this project for just as long. I am lacking the words to properly express how this feels to me, so let’s just jump into some photos and observations. Shall we?

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • The big moment of my week was wearing a dress. This is my clothing equivalent of putting on makeup “just for me”.
  • There was a lot of intuitive dressing this week. I tend to dress intuitively most days, but this week I found myself asking “What does my body want today?” rather than “What task am I dressing for today?”
  • I love my day twenty-eight outfit. It’s so simple, but I love it. Probably because I love my sweater (local business Cry Wolf) and my hair cooperated.
  • The fancy coating on my glasses means that they get some aggressive glare in photos.

I hope that you all are staying safe and healthy!

— Gabby

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