Week … Six?

Anyone else losing all sense and meaning of time? ‘Cause I sure am! That being said, my wardrobe and how I dress/adorn myself is bringing a lot of joy to my life these days, so I’m thankful for that. On that note, let’s get to some lewks.

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • Still going strong with minimal washing of my hair. It simplifies life, which I am all for.
  • Had my first back-to-back outfit repeat this week. I’m surprised it took this long to happen. This was a very common occurrence in my pre-COVID life (aka my weekend uniform), but since going into lockdown changing my outfits daily feels good, and is a creative outlet for me.
  • Despite the weather still being on the cooler side, I aspirationally flipped some of my wardrobe, which I’m glad I did. I can still combine heavier, warmer layers with lighter, brighter pieces (like my Hawaiian button-up).
  • Speaking of the Hawaiian shirt, that outfit didn’t feel complete without a lined eye and bold lip, so I did some femme makeup on Thursday (which led to me tossing some old makeup and broken brushes).
  • While we’re on the topic of makeup: on Sunday I did my own drag king makeup, which was a lot of fun, if not a bit amature. When I paint my face next I’ll make sure to document it for the grid.

Bonus bathroom selfies of my drag king persona, Chad:


I hope you’re all able to find some joy in the coming weeks, whether that means painting your nails, doing drag makeup, baking, exercising, or just hanging out in sweats. Stay safe and healthy!

— Gabby

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