Week eight. I think.

Well, fuck. This was a gut-punch of a week that resulted in my breaking point. I’m sure others have been where I am in terms of isolation/shelter in place getting to them, but woof, this was a week. With that said, shall we see how that affected my dressing — and documentation — habits? I think we shall.

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • Foolishly, while thinking of the week ahead last Saturday, I thought “I’ve been wearing a lot of hoodies. Maybe I should try to change that up this coming week”. So, like a ding-dong, I made myself a sartorial challenge within a challenging time. The universe threw me curveball after curveball this week, which made me go “fuck this idea, I’m dressing for comfort” and proceeded to live out my week in hoodies. TL;DR: if you want to make the universe laugh, make plans.
  • This week was such an emotional mess for me that I just didn’t document one of my days. As disappointing as that was, the anthropologist/sociologist in me is fascinated by this. It’s these small changes within the same-sameness that I find interesting and juicy. I also truly do not remember what I wore that day.
  • In a slight turn for the better, I got a little dressed up and wore some gorgeous chandelier earrings by Warren Steven Scott to get coffee, and go for a walk (have I talked about him here yet? He’s amazing, buy his work, that’s all you need to know).
  • I’m slowly pulling out my beautiful Canadian-made pieces, one of which I wore on day fifty-five (this dress by Amanda Moss). Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to document it, or my pink fuzzy robe that I later put on, before donning my lovely tanktop-sans-bra ensemble.

There are plans in Ontario to slowly lift restrictions, which I have mixed feelings about. I know that there are places with stricter — and looser — restrictions. Wherever you are, I hope that you are able to remain safe and healthy, and maybe even find a little joy in your week.

— Gabby

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