Week ten … oh wow.

Week ten … oh wow.

Observations of my dress habits this week:

  • After religiously reading all of Tom & Lorenzo’s coverage of the fashion on Mad Men I think about colour in terms of power colours, and identifying certain colours or palettes with specific people. Following this way of thinking, I tend to identify myself with yellows and purples, and tend to steer clear of softer colours, like the light blues I wore this week. My loophole? Denim. I love denim. Actual denim, denim-looking fabrics: I love them all.
  • Speaking of yellow: I pulled this silk scarf out of my closet on a whim, and now I’m in love. It was given to me by my mother last year when she was going through her closet. I think it was a gift from her mother-in-law? Or belonged to my grandmother, and my mom got it after her passing?
  • This is the first ever year that I have coincidentally participated in Me Made May. I made the purple halter dress about 10 years ago, and I still love it.
  • Which brings me to my next point: bras are highly overrated during these times. It’s hot. Most of us are sheltering in place at home. Why bother with bras? This is why I love dresses/garments that have that built-in support, but aren’t as restrictive as a full bra.
  • Many pieces that I wore this past week are from local, Toronto label Birds of North America. I’m sure I’ve mentioned them before.
  • Speaking of, the anchor dress (and a couple other pieces over the years) I got from a consignment shop in Halifax, NS called Elsie’s (go check it out if you’re ever in Halifax, they are wonderful). The best part: most of the pieces I’ve bought there used to belong to the same woman who consigns a lot of her wardrobe there. I feel like it’s my destiny to meet this woman one day.

I hope that you’re able to stay safe and healthy. This past week has been a big reminder that even though it feels like life has come to a grinding halt since COVID-19 hit North America, life still goes on, and unfortunately it’s continuing on in a really negative way. It’s time to stand up to racism, bigotry, and injustice. Educate yourself, talk to your friends and family, challenge racist ideas, and support causes where you can (support isn’t always financial — you can support using your time, using your voice, using your privilege to raise up the voices of others, etc.).

— Gabby

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